ultraReuse certified solutions

Water Recycling & Reuse Know How

Waterform Technologies has a comprehensive range of water recycling systems. We have completed some of Australia?s most demanding, third party endorsed, certified technology verification processes. This means we have a particularly?deep understanding of risk assessments and how to apply certified technology in a water reuse application to balance both regulatory controls, and operational requirements to make projects a reality. We can explain an auditing process before it has begun!

Water reuse: Nearly all processing industries in Australia use water in their production methods, with water recycling acting as a generic expression for reclaiming and reusing water. Overall, a wastewater recycling system assists us to reduce costs related to buying potable water, reduce discharge wastewater volumes, meet corporate sustainability goals, and adjust to climate change and growth in population which is putting stress on potable (drinking) water supplies. Some common sources of water for recycling include:

  • Water Recycling Facility by Waterform
    • Process or wash-down water: water flushed to drain after contact with product or used for washing down equipment
    • Wastewater: sewer network, sewage treatment plant or industrial water.
    • Blow-down Water: water drained from cooling apparatus to remove minerals.
    • Storm Water Harvesting:?rainwater saved from storm water drainage systems.

Our industrial water recycling systems use biological and mechanical methods for treating wastewater. They are capable of filtering industrial effluents that require specialised features to target particular contaminants. Call us for any enquiries about the right treatment system for your industry.

Waterform Technologies is an acknowledged company front-runner in industry water & wastewater treatment, and has been operating since the mid 1990?s. Currently, we operate in every state of Australia and even extend to south-east Asia and the Pacific. We use cutting-edge?wastewater recycling?systems and technologies, and can lay claim to having accomplished some of the most challenging recycling assignments.

Industries can come to Waterform for bespoke solutions for industrial waste-water treatment, but we also provide a range of other services, including water risk control, research and development programs, water analysis and training workshops.

When recycling water, it?s essential to meet strict governance requirements. The Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling (among others) provides the criteria for producing and using recycled water safely, and Waterform provides strict compliance to the guidelines and provide the necessary advice for implementation.

While making use of recycled water can be an initial added expense for industry, it is quickly becoming a necessity ? along with a payback. Australians, like people in other dry continents, are having to look for alternatives. Recycling water can be risky for a business inexperienced in this area, but a company like Waterform can step in and provide a guaranteed solution with relevant advice, training and ongoing support.