Water Treatment Solutions for
Agribusiness and Food & Beverage

We are a family owned business with a purpose of helping water reliant businesses thrive in an era of water scarcity and water compliance challenges. Read more.

Never Run Dry

Water security outcomes are achieved with our deep knowledge of alternative water sourcing, wastewater reuse and efficiency upgrades.

Guaranteed Financial Outcomes

Our cutting-edge use of data and science enables a positive impact to your bottom line with our unique Precision Water strategies.

Always Compliant

It is our trusted water engineering design and operating experience that counts to keep your site compliant 24 / 7 / 365.
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Our Industries

We exist to contribute to solving one of the world’s biggest challenges by increasing the world’s finite water resources. We do this by providing industrial effluent treatment, water purification & wastewater treatment management solutions.

What Our Customers Say

“We’ve got a very challenging wastewater derived from blood rendering, to produce high value supplements, and to turn this into potable-grade water for reuse is a feather in Waterform’s cap”


Blood Rendering Company

“Our relationship with Waterform is a Win-Win. We have already recommended Waterform to another party. Very impressed.”


Leading Eastern Vic Winery

Featured Projects

BarrierUF Water Treatment Plant
Sludge Treatment
ultraBalance Trade Waste Treatment
UV Disinfection Solutions
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