Typically the process of reclaiming wastewater for both drinking and other applications, waste water recycling system has become an integral part of Australia’s industries. Whether it’s supplied back to the overall system or not, initiating this kind of reuse has all-round benefits for a number of businesses, sectors and even households.

A Resilient, Long-term Solution

Australia relies on having a secure water system in place, especially when weather conditions are known to be extreme. In more urban or city areas, both runoff and rainfall have decreased over the years. To combat this, recycling water whether for the food and beverage industry or another field can have huge advantages when supply is needed most.

The sources of water

Any kind of sewer network, treatment station or industrial plant can be used as a recycling source. In households, this is slightly different and includes aspects like your sink, shower, bath, washing machine and the like. What it doesn’t include are things like the toilet, kitchen sink or even the dishwasher. Any grease or oil that get into the supply can be far more of a challenge to treat.

Harvesting storm water

Collected from drain systems, this usually includes urban areas that have runoff onto roads, open spaces or buildings. This supply is carried into drains and then recycled through various plants or schemes.

Managing risk

One of the biggest challenges of recycling Australia’s supply is making sure all production of recycled water is optimized for environmental and human health. To govern this, the Australian Guidelines of Water Recycling from AGWR (2006) keep certain rules in place. These guidelines mitigate risk and streamline operations across the industry.

Specifically, Waterform Technologies specializes in combating the effects of scarce water by using treatment solutions that are formed off of science. Across businesses like wineries, abattoirs, dairy farms, aquaculture and far more, our team creates alternative water production from sources far and wide throughout Australia.

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