Waterform to deliver AGiO+R Advanced Reuse Plant for NSW Prison

Good news for Australian jobs! Waterform has been selected to design and build an advanced Wastewater Treatment and Reuse plant for the John Morony Correctional Centre, NSW, Australia.

The AGiO+R? WRP combines a high-tech MBBR process coupled with an advanced reuse plant that utilises Inge Ultrafiltration technology and produces high quality purified wastewater.

Waterform demonstrated unique benefits around risk management, reduced footprint and a robust process design that means the client will not only cancel out offsite sewage disposal surcharges but the planned prison upgrade can continue with minimal upgrades needed to the WWTP.

The WRP will have a treatment capacity of 240m3/day, and project is being managed by the NSW Dept. of Justice, Ford Civil and Woolacotts Engineers.

With many wastewater treatment packages imported into Australia , this project shows that innovation & capacity in Australian water industry is alive and well! The AGiO+R? plant will be built in VIC and shipped to site via container trucks.

Our continued commitment to solving clean water scarcity continues, with the AGiO+R? WRP producing high quality purified wastewater suitable for open space irrigation, and use around the site including dust suppression, saving hundred?s of thousand?s of litres of tap water every day.

Waterform looks forward to updating our subscribers with project news.

Get in touch today if you would like to learn more: info@waterform.com.au

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