September 2021 | Barossa Valley

Waterform Technologies are pleased to announce that stage 1 works for the new Dorrien Estate / Vinpac International combined wastewater treatment facility have been completed, and stage 2 works have commenced.



Stage 1 works consisted of a new ultraBiox aerated lagoon facility, while stage 2 works further increase the capacity of the WWTP with the construction of an ultraBiox SBR treatment system, Squeez-r sludge dewatering technology and associated civil and mechanical infrastructure. Treated wastewater will be beneficially re-used for vine irrigation.

Stage 1 WWTP Works

Waterform General Manager and Vinpac Project Director Matthew Way said that Waterform was delighted to continue the successful partnership with Vinpac International / Dorrien Estate. ‘We are committed to solving water constraints for all our clients as they seek to maintain a sustainable footprint, and wastewater management is a hot topic in the Barossa Valley so we are really pleased to help Vinpac meet and exceed their wastewater management goals’.

Matthew said a key strength of the Waterform approach was to be open and collaborative and to be easy to work with, ‘which has made this project a real success as we navigate constantly moving targets with COVID impacts’ and said that Waterform was thankful for the ongoing support of the Vinpac team.

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Illustration of the proposed Vinpac Stage 2 works: