Australian designed & built wastewater treatment process to convert high strength industrial wastewater into crystal clear, safe water suitable for reuse.

August, 2020. Waterform Technologies have pioneered a breakthrough wastewater treatment process, under their ultraReuse portfolio named ‘ultraReuse UBBOS series’.

This development innovatively combines the benefits of IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) and MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) IFAS-MBR technologies. This creates a process suited to industries generating high strength wastewater, that have limited space, and demand high quality treated water for reuse or meeting environmental discharge conditions.

Truly an Australian innovation, the first UBBOS treatment plant of its kind & application anywhere in the world, will be constructed for a food processing facility in Victoria, Australia for commissioning by the end of 2020.

Combined with reverse osmosis purification technology, the treatment plant will provide crystal clear, safe water for reuse while dealing with incoming wastewater constituents such as COD in excess of 7000 mg/L, BOD in excess of 5000mg/L, TN >100mg/L and TDS >2800mg/L.

The waste streams will be managed under a circular economy principles with the eventual recovery of minerals and nutrients.

Waterform Technologies GM, Matthew Way, says they are delighted to be able to deliver food processors with meaningful results – full license compliance, corporate water stewardship targets met and overall water sustainability that makes production sites viable for the long term.

“This is accomplished with pace setting footprint reduction, energy efficiency and best of all; the UBBOS plant is Australian designed and built, and supported locally”

To learn more, contact Waterform Technologies via phone: 1800 420 145 or email:

“We are committed to helping food and beverage processors achieve a sustainable water future with Australian ingenuity and technology innovation”
General Manager
Matthew Way

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