Fruit and Vegetables

Where does all that clean water go?

Product washing, packing, equipment cleaning, floor cleaning, boilers & cooling towers, mostly ending up as an effluent / wastewater of varying quality. Why not reuse this water again to save money on potable water and wastewater discharge costs, whilst securing compliance.

Turnkey water and wastewater solutions for the horticulture, fruit & vegetable growing & processing industry, that provides the lowest possible total cost of ownership & verified performance.

Processing Wastewater

Whether you are growing or processing mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, peaches or anything else that fits into the fruit & vegetable family, Waterform have the whole water cycle covered. We will ensure your process water is pure & balanced correctly to maintain processing hygiene right through to dealing with the highly variable strength wastewater that processors discharge. A tailored solution to solve your challenges is only a call away.

Where can water for reuse be used?

This depends on what phase of the processing system. Lower levels of water quality are acceptable for initial washing and transport. Drinking water specification quality is needed for actual processing which includes the washing down of machines that peel, slice, mince, core, mash ? and more. This means that processors can look at cheaper sources of water for some applications from streams such as recycled wastewater, dam water, rain water and more, as a way to supplement potable water. A major source of water usage in vegetable processing operations is cooling towers ? these are waiting to be fed with high quality, purified reuse water!

Fruit and vegetable processing

Fruit and vegetable processing wastewater typically swings in pH values depending on factory activities such as cleaning & sanitation, and will generally be much higher in organic carbons (TOC / DOC) than other types of industrial wastewater. Discharge fees that water boards may charge from region to region do vary, and this will impact on what type of wastewater treatment solution (either mechanical or biological) is selected. Our aim is to give you better payback, and if discharge is to the environment, EPA regulations will need to be adhered to.

Risk Management

All of our water treatment solutions for fruit and vegetable processors are underpinned by the strictest risk management procedures, our designs are third party endorsed, and technologies used are certified by the relevant state health department.

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