Case Study

Pork Abattoir Water Treatment

Challenging Conventional Thinking about Membranes and Murray River Water Treatment

When a Pork Abattoir, dependent on the Murry River for their sole water source, needed a new water treatment plant to replace a failing clarifier system, the client turned to Waterform for an end to end solution.

Murray River water is a challenging water treatment environment with variable water quality that includes low to high TDS loads, black tide events, with excessive organics and rotting matter in the water, variable suspended solids and colloidal clay.

When we still hear proclaimed You can’t put membranes directly on Murray River water, our reaction is to politely smile and point to a very successful reference for direct feed Inge ultrafiltration.

Utilising direct feed chemical coagulation and Inge’s famed Multibore membrane configuration, water is stored in feed tanks prior to UF treatment and discharged to a chlorination contact tank prior to use throughout the abattoir facility.

The secret to success is managing the optimum coagulant type and dose rate to generate just enough pin floc, that helps TOC bind to TSS, and create a floating fouling layer within the Ultrafiltration membrane, resulting in very stable operation and complete rejection of suspended solids, bacteria, viruses. Turbidity is maintained at 0.15NTU post membrane.

The BarrierUF treatment plant produces up to 1,100,000 litres per day of potable standard quality purified water.

The UF membranes are warranted for 5 years for no fibre breakage.

This treatment plant is a steady performer and we are happy we invested in the quality option.

Russell, Site service supervisor, Pork Abattoir