Industrial Wastewater Treatment ? out with the old and in with the new!

The Malteurop group is a world leader in the malt industry and is positioning itself as the first market integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain. At it?s Geelong, VIC processing plant, the existing wastewater treatment facility was in need of an upgrade. With decades old biological treatment consisting of batch reactors, it was identified the most important issue to address was the aeration system.

Waterform Technologies collaborated with Malteurop to develop a solution with the leading OTT Fine Bubble Air Diffusers to replace the existing disc aeration grids.

Malting wastewater is a challenging wastewater to treat, with very high BOD, COD and organic loading. It particularly poses a challenge for submerged aeration systems. Waterform was able to successfully install the leading OTT Fine Bubble Silicone Air Diffuser system which exhibit excellent anti fouling properties and a long life-span, and are designed for wastewater.

The old disc aeration system shown below

The new OTT aeration diffusers shown below

Clean water testing shown below

About the solution:


Silicone Membranes, supplied with stainless steel headers / manifolds.

FLEXSIL? membranes have been successfully used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities for more than 15 years. Their wide-ranging chemical resistance, superior to that of other membrane materials, provides the basis for extremely long service life and outstanding performance.

Features of FLEXSIL? membranes:

  • Plasticizer-free silicone eliminates plasticizer leach-out and resultant brittleness, therefore ensuring ongoing flexibility and reliability in long-term service.
  • Resistant to microbiological growth and associated by-products
  • Extremely smooth surface facilitates cleaning if required
  • Excellent resistance to broad spectrum of oils and greases in wastewaters, tried and tested in more than 15 years in industrial clarification plants.
  • Provide dependable service even at high wastewater and air temperatures, high immersion depths or in tropical climates.
  • Available in a broad range of effective lengths and diameters to fit all common tube diffuser brands and makes.

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