Baiada poultry is a market leader when it comes to responsible water management.

With the aim to keep water waste low and output high Baiada approached Waterform Technologies with an enquiry about possible water saving solutions at a large chicken processing site.

According to Poultry Hub chickens consume around one and a half to two times more water than feed. With one of the largest poultry processing companies in Australia you can only imagine the water usage bill!

Did you know that even water that egg-layers drink can be treated to boost calcium content and drastically reduce egg breakage rates?

To increase complexity Baiada is based in country New South Wales which is prone to long periods of drought. This was another clear driver to analyse their water usage with the aim to conserve as much water as possible.

At Baiada the aim was to reduce the amount of water waste and unnecessary use before investigating the implementation of water recycling. Waterform Technologies carefully undertook an in-depth analysis of the water usage of Baiada and in turn engineered an extensive analysis of where the water management could be improved.

To find out exactly what water saving techniques were implemented please click here.

As a result of the implementation of these recommended changes, Baiada Poultry has now reduced their output by up to 400,000 litres per week, saving them more than $200,000 per year!

Most importantly, Baiada is committed to water conservation goals it set out in its Environment and Sustainability Policy, helping to safeguard the future of the local environment and waterways.

To read the full case study about what water saving techniques were implemented and why these were chosen fill out the form and download the case study here

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