A major Victorian mushroom processor is taking delivery of their new Waterform BarrierUF? Advanced Treatment Plant!

Dispatch of BarrierUF for Fruit & Vegetable Processor

Factory testing of Australian Built BarrierUF Plant

The BarrierUF? Industrial Wastewater Reuse plant will treat up to 100 megalitres / year of mushroom wash-down wastewater and will transform the wastewater to equal or better than potable water quality, for high value reuse. Utilising chemical clarification, screening, IngeUF, UV & Chlorination, the treatment plant is another display of Waterform?s cutting edge capabilities to deliver value added water reuse and associated risk management in a stringent quality controlled environment, where product is supplied to major supermarket chains throughout Australia. Food & Beverage producers can rely on our know-how to delivery a risk free solution.


Additionally, EPA regulatory requirements will be exceeded in controlling waste discharge and corporate sustainability goals met, whilst securing site water supplies to ensure business continuity ? a win-win every angle you look at it.


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