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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Geographical regions do Waterform work in and support?
    We support our clients Australia wide. Whilst no area is too remote; most of our work is concentrated in Australia’s food bowl regions. We also have exported various systems to international destinations.
  • Do you service the residential market?
  • Can you build a Class A water recycling plant to turn my site wastewater in potable standard water?
    Yes! Waterform has delivered many advanced wastewater recycling and reuse plants that treat the most difficult wastewater and delivery crystal clear and safe potable standard water, that can be used for boiler feed, cooling towers, irrigation, wash-down and more.
  • Do you provide after sales service and support?
    Yes! We offer full maintenance contracts for 1, 3 or 5 year terms, along with operational support, emergency call-outs and remote monitoring – diagnostics. Spare Parts are stocked in our Victorian warehouse and can be shipped same or next day.
  • Does Waterform offer full design build turnkey project delivery so I don’t have to worry about all the different trades, communication complexity and multiple accounts management?
    Yes! From concept engineering through to commissioning and ongoing operation, Waterform is a one stop solution provider for the markets we serve. This includes detailed engineering, civil works, plumbing and electrical trades, approvals and training services.
  • Why should I choose Waterform to entrust them with solving my water problem?
    We are known for a positive, can-do attitude and clients have commented how easy it is to do business with us. We have the energy and smarts to help your business thrive in the face of water scarcity, cost and compliance challenges. We take pride in delivering first class quality solutions, and dare we say it – we are never the cheapest, because our clients ‘get’ our focus that long term relationships, equipment longevity and proper site support is far more beneficial for their businesses, compared to screwing down suppliers and spending the next however long arguing about who is ...
  • What type of companies do Waterform service?
    Waterform work with industries mainly in the food and beverage market, including growers, processors & packers. This includes protected cropping businesses, meat, dairy, vegetable processors, drink bottlers and many more. We also work with government agencies such as Defence bases and Emergency services training facilities, building water recycling plants.
  • We grow vegetables and have nearly run out of water, can you help?
    Yes! We have deployed emergency desalination units for applications such as Blueberry Farming, protected cropping and much more, if bore water is available onsite. We love helping our clients get out of a tight spot when it comes to water.
  • How can I contact Waterform?
    That’s easy. Tollfree: 1800 420 145 within Australia, or +613 5447 3045 Internationally. Or, send us an email to You can also fill out the contact form on this website, on the Contact us page.
  • Do we have to buy equipment or can we lease it?
    We offer a variety of delivery models including capital purchase, build own operate, lease, water as a service and more. We are flexible to suit your needs.
  • Does Waterform treat both water and wastewater?
    Yes. We offer both water treatment and wastewater treatment, using primary mechanical equipment, biological treatment, oxidization equipment, membrane equipment and more.

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