It can be difficult to identify the relevant legislation that directly controls what a food or beverage processor may be discharging to the environment.

(Note, this article does not apply to businesses discharging to sewer which will be regulated by the relevant sewer authority).

Do I comply?

Did you know that discharges to natural waterways & odour are becoming more policed?

According to the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) their role is to improve the quality of water environments and prevent water pollution through providing guidance on; ballast water management, water and dairy farms, stormwater management and water discharges.

Regulatory compliance involves more than passing the base compliance criteria at the time of testing or auditing, it means a managed control system is in place. This requirement can be difficult to navigate depending on the type of food industry you’re involved in. For example Dairy farms have more specific regulations that were introduced in 2008 by the dairy industry in conjunction with the Victorian state government.

In conjunction with being EPA compliant, would you want to know what extra benefits your business can have from proper wastewater management? The best way to look at compliance is that it is an opportunity to investigate a business value-add in the form of using waste streams for capture of energy, nutrients and clean water.

Waterform are experts when it comes to the food and beverage industry’s wastewater management options. We can help you navigate around the complicated policies surrounding your discharged wastewater.

So we guess the real question is?.

Are you protected in the event of a major breakthrough of pollutants or are you at the limit of treatment or storage capacity?

Our WaterBank program is a fantastic option where all the major numbers can be processed and the best path forward revealed through the power of data. This allows us to analyse your options and provide the best possible way forward with water management and improve your business in the long term!

Contact the team at Waterform today to discover more about your EPA compliance options.

Needing help with works approvals or reporting? This is another area that Waterform have assisted clients with to enable projects to be kick-started or data and graphs deciphered into concise reports.

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