We all know that water isn?t cheap! In Australia our water utilities are supplying us with some of the highest quality water in the world, and that comes at a cost.

Along with our pristine water standards we also have many government health and quality regulations to ensure that site wastewater generated is conditionally discharged. Each State in Australia has its own Environmental protection body, such as the EPA (Environmental, Protection Agency) in Victoria.

These government agencies enforce regulations and compliance within businesses around Australia for discharges to the environment. EPA Victoria has recently introduced stricter regulations around water discharges.


Are you being unnecessarily penalised?

Particularly any food and beverage organisation will find water to be an expensive necessity when it comes to fixed costs. Water will be used for a number of key elements in the everyday business operations such as; cleaning, production, refrigeration, steam and within the food product makeup. The company CFO will concur that the bills especially seem to stack up.

What needs to be recognised is that the excessive water use could be dramatically reduced by simple measures such as rectifying leaks, increasing equipment efficiency and implementing water recovery and reuse. This might even be a leak that you didn’t know you had, which could be impacting Sewer or EPA volumetric compliance and fixed cost budgets.

Fixing leaks, improving equipment operation & efficiency and introducing water reuse has been seen to save many of our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum. Waterform have the ability to identify where else your organisations OPEX spending related to water could be improved.

At Waterform we are the experts in compliance and water management within the food and beverage industry. We have the proven ability to save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum when it comes to water management. For 2 examples about our client successes please click here and download the Lion case study which reveals how fixing a leak improved the business in more than one way, or click here and learn about a Baiada project.

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