Grand Success! City of Canada Bay Mayor Mr. Angelo Tsirekas cuts the ribbon to officially open the Cintra Watershed ?Water for Our Communities? new Stormwater recycling plant.

21-10-15: A fantastic day was attended by notable industry and government figures showing the interest in decentralised water conservation schemes that add true value to the community ratepayers.

The Cintra Watershed Stormwater recycling plant was designed, built and commissioned by Waterform Technologies and is based on cutting edge technologies such as Prism Si4 Calibrated glass filtration media, nextSand polishing, LIT UV DUV24A USEPA Validated disinfection and chlorination to deliver clean, safe water to various community sporting ovals and golf courses, saving over 180 million litres of tap water every year.

The project is on track for some fantastic awards ? watch this space!

Check this video out for some background information:

The day was well attended!

Waterform Technologies extends our thanks to the City of Canada Bay project team for their support, to Permeate Partners for expert project consulting and all of the participating contractors & suppliers who worked hard to make this project a reality, and a success.

Solving Water Scarcity in Action!

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