Brown Brothers is known for an innovative nature when it comes to grape varieties. They have a tendency to experiment and create magical flavours when it comes to wine. This is evident especially when visiting their cellar doors from Milawa to Tasmania.

Along with an experiential nature Brown Brothers is committed to the environment and take pride in their ability to be green friendly. With the objective to minimise waste and maintain the highest quality in their production Brown Brothers continues to think outside the box. This can be seen in play thorough the joint responsibility incurred with waste management between all employees of the company.

Waste management process in a winery are highly important due to the high levels of waste created. A winery in the US state of California has been known to use earth worms as a source of wastewater management. Which has had a flow on effect encouraging other wineries in the area to reduce their waste management, particularly in wastewater management.

Constantly improving their waste management processes Brown Brothers engaged Waterform Technologies in 2015/2016, to design and install an ultraBiox biological wastewater treatment upgrade to their existing treatment lagoon.

With this upgrade the results were outstanding and further improved the wastewater management processes already in place. Not only did this improvement reduce the waste but further significantly increased treatment output and decreased power usage.

Want to know more? Click here to download the case study to see exactly how Waterform?s wastewater management processes can make a huge difference.

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