Blood rendering wastewater to be transformed into potable standard water ? innovative Industrial Water Reuse Project kicking off

Waterform continues to demonstrate its unique capacity in helping our clients transform wastewater problems from burden to benefit and help solve global clean water scarcity drop by drop.

With the contract signed with SONAC Australia, part of the international Darling Ingredients Company, Waterform are designing an advanced treatment plant to take blood rendering wastewater post SBR biological treatment and purify the wastewater to equal or better than potable water standard to enable reuse of the water within the production facility.

SONAC Australia operates an animal blood rendering plant in Maryborough, VIC, taking red blood and producing powered animal feeds and supplements. The wastewater presents unique challenges and Waterform has developed a robust 7 stage treatment train including a TDS separation system with over 85% recovery efficiency.

This project means that regulatory requirements from EPA will be resolved, and the challenge of storing and discharging wastewater off-site will be solved and operational costs will be reduced by supplementing potable water with the highly treated purified wastewater. The cost of operating the advanced wastewater plant is significantly less than the cost of taking the wastewater off-site.

Waterform will conduct all risk management works as part of the project in conjunction with a third party, and manage the ongoing operation of the facility.

Waterform is encouraging water intensive businesses to take a fresh look at wastewater, stormwater or other available water sources as valuable resources to be conserved and used in view of a more sustainable future.

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