Barrier UF Ultrafiltration System

Australian engineered, built & tested Ultrafiltration packaged?systems for water treatment and wastewater purification.

Utilising best practice lean manufacturing techniques, a standardized, modular, efficient design focused on repeatability, the BarrierUF Range challenges the concept that a water treatment package needs to be sourced off-shore. With industry benchmark delivery lead times you can speed up your project execution time.

Barrier UF? plants now optionally incorporate an exciting development in Ultrafiltration control software ???MemTune? ? which monitors plant data such as NTU, the rate of TMP increase and baseline recovery data and translates this into real time plant control where it will modulate flux, cycle lengths & cleaning cycles based on real time conditions rather than timer or delayed manual operator input based on water quality testing. This can significantly improve efficiency compared to ?fixed parameter? control?, saving energy, chemical usage, operator input & downtime.

As an example of how this works in practice, if feed water quality conditions improve the PLC will automatically calculate real time projections, increasing filtration cycle lengths, and decreasing cleaning cycles as needed.We offer a full scale BarrierUF demonstration plant that can be fully remote controlled and monitored.

The BarrierUF plant can also be supplied pathogen rejection validation, accredited by Australian State Health Departments for wastewater reuse projects. Incorporating Direct Integrity Testing and the USEPA validated IngeXL60 module, the range sets the standard for virus rejection and efficiency with no air scour required for cleaning.Challenge testing undertaken by the A.W.Q.C demonstrated an average MS2 Phage rejection of 5.76 LRV over 3 separate runs.

The premium build quality that is expected of a Waterform Ultrafiltration treatment plant is on show wherever a BarrierUF plant is installed! Here?s one recent example:?Baralaba QLD Water Treatment Plant

Looking for a Murray River water treatment plant? We?ve for you covered:?BarrierUF-Murray

Are you in the market for the most durable Ultrafiltration solution available,?with certification?

Let us show you why so many clients have switched from the ?status quo? and selected a BarrierUF option with Inge Multibore UF membranes. It?s easy as sending us a quick note and we?ll be in touch within 1 business day to learn about your application, and seeing how a BarrierUF solution could provide you with real value ? that?s lowest cost of ownership!