Are you interested in maximising available water resources, to increase local water security, reduce OPEX and conserve the planets most essential resource?

In 2005, Coca Cola Amatil acquired SPC Ardmona, a fruit processor based in the central Victorian town of Shepparton. CCA?s global commitment to water efficiency is well published, and along with an investment in an existing fruit juice concentrate production line, an alternative source for potable water supplementation was identified to help lower production costs, and maintain business continuity with a decentralised potable water supply.

Alternative water source

Throughout North Central Victoria there is a vast net work of irrigation channels fed from the Waranga Basin, a 432,000 ML capacity dam. These channels provide essential water for crop irrigation and townships right across Victoria.

The CC Amatil Ardmona site is based in Kyabram, which is serviced by these channels, and this provides a sustainable, year round alternative water source. Typically this water has high levels of colloidal clay (sub-micron), organics and moderate Total Dissolved Solids.

Only the most robust solution design for longevity

A BarrierUF? WTP supplied! To provide a water treatment process to purify the water with maximum integrity, Waterform turned to the BASF Inge GmbH Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane as a key stage that could be relied on to provide CC Amatil with the ultimate peace of mind. Not only did Inge Ultrafiltration provide third party certification proving virus reduction, and fine 0.02 micron filtration but also a guarantee for no broken fibers. A UF membrane is made up of capillaries or fibers (see pic below), and one of the main operational challenges with running a UF plant is the risk of broken fibers, that impact on the integrity of the treatment system ? potentially allowing untreated water through.

By combining 7 capillaries into one single robust ?straw?, Inge have created the ultimate UF configuration for strength and stability. This also helps with membrane cleaning as higher cleaning water velocities can be used to reduce chemical usage.

Doing the impossible ? record design & build time

Its one thing to design a robust treatment train that meets the most stringent quality and longevity requirements, and another thing to do the impossible ? complete the design, build and commissioning within 4 weeks!

This was the time frame required by the principal contractor (Aquatech) to meet production deadlines. Waterform fulfilled this requirement with some decent overtime hours put in, to the satisfaction of all parties.

Treatment train

The overall BarrierUF? treatment train included chemical coagulation, Ultrafiltration, UV Disinfection, Chlorination and De-Chlorination with Activated Carbon. To meet CC Amatil?s global commitment to increased water related efficiency, the BarrierUF? plant was design provide a recovery rate of over 93%, meaning only 7% of all water incoming to the plant would be wasted ? a far higher recovery rate than typical site based and offsite water treatment systems.

The end result ? payback and efficiency

Waterform provided design engineering, factory build and testing, site delivery, commissioning, testing and training services for complete BarrierUF? treatment plant. If exacting build standards, ultimate integrity and dependability are things you would like to see as part of your water treatment program, Waterform has the solution.

With potable water produced through the BarrierUF? plant only costing 0.085 cents / 1000 litres on average, taking into account the cost of buying water, power & general operational costs, the investment represented a very solid pay back of less than two years, whilst fulfilling CC Amatil?s project objectives in full.

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