AGiO MBBR WRP site photos, commissioning underway

Get me the sewage!

Onsite at JMCC, NSW. Our neat AGiO MBBR turnkey plant has had its special bio-film carriers loaded, and sits ready and waiting for the first inflow of sewage. We wait eagerly at the other end of the plant for the crystal clear, safely treated water that will be used for site irrigation?

AGiO MBBR Wastewater Reclamation Plant

Did you know? The plastic Biofilm Carriers we use have over 650m2/m3 of surface area, compared to averages of 450m2/m3 of other options. This puts the AGiO MBBR right out in front in terms of footprint, efficiency and resistance to toxic shocks. As a turnkey solution, built and tested right here in Australia, the AGiO system can give you benefits such as lowered energy consumption, ability to treat varying influent quality & quantities whilst treating the water to a very high standard suitable for unrestricted irrigation.

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