AGiO MBBR wastewater treatment plant under construction

Here is a sneak peak at a 1600EP AGiO MBBR WRP Waterform is constructing for the John Moroney Correctional Centre, NSW.

AGiO MBBR Reuse Treatment under construction

The picture shows the container fit out of the tertiary treatment stage of the plant, which includes validated Inge Ultrafiltration membranes & LIT UV Disinfection to allow high value reuse of the reclaimed wastewater.

We will bring you more updates as the project progresses!

Why choose the AGiO? MBBR?

  • AGiO? = Attached Growth Induced O2
  • Up to 79% smaller than alternative activated sludge treatment systems (maximised surface area with patented biofilm carrier design)
  • Can be retrofit into any size or shape tank or containerised for a fully transportable / modular solution
  • Resistant to varying quality & quantity of raw wastewater
  • Recovers fast from toxic chemical spills
  • Highly efficient process, with patented double roll aeration design
  • Nutrient removal, effective denitrification
  • Odour free operation

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