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The Waterform Story

A family owned & managed business with a core purpose of ‘solving challenges together’ are helping water reliant businesses thrive in the face of water scarcity and water compliance challenges, with advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions applied scientifically.

Then and Now

Waterform has roots founded deep in water. Water is our passion. Our inspirational story of entrepreneurship and hard work is like so many other success stories of Australian family owned companies. In the mid 1990’s Waterform’s founders were up working hard before sunrise, travelling out to a remote water well near Mt Moligal, that tapped into the ‘underground Loddon river’ in the Central Goldfields region of Victoria, to collect tank loads of pure water for their small bottled water production facility. This water was distributed throughout regional Victoria.

With a rapidly growing clientele, investment was made in a new filtration & UV disinfection plant and our founder’s interest in water treatment technologies was born. From this point, investment was made in water analytical technologies, a steam distillation plant and a deionization plant for supplying pure water to clients such as Swisse pharmaceuticals.

Offering advanced water treatment technologies to a wider market was of particular interest,and an intensive learning mission was begun – travelling the globe to investigate water technologies. From a distribution warehouse in Auckland, NZ, to the depths of Microdyn Nadirs’ membrane R&D facility in Weisbaden Germany, and being lectured by a Microwave UV expert in the UK, extensive groundwork was done by our founders to build the enviable product portfolio and experience that is Waterform.

And today we continue to source innovative technologies from all over the globe and develop new treatment methods to ensure we stay at the forefront of water treatment innovation to solve ever-increasing water security & compliance challenges.


Our Vision

Industry word-wide is thirsting for water security, and Our Vision is to help our clients to take advantage of our water digitisation & technological breakthroughs in advanced water & wastewater management & treatment for a future with water that is worry-free.

Our Mission

Our mission is share our visionary water ‘know how’ to provide innovative solutions to water scarcity, achieving long term certainty for our clients. We aim to create trust & certainty through a rigorous audit & design process that delivers required outcomes and mitigates risks.

Our Values:

Challenge the Conventional.
Be an Energetic Can-Doer.
Be Open & Collaborative.
Show Respect for Everyone.

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